Red Shoes (working title) 10/08
Laura 03/08

Sleep 08/07



I originally studied as a dancer / choreographer and now I work as an artist and lecturer living in Bristol.

Festival screenings include: Fragments, Leicester, New Works Festival, Leicester, The Place Dance for Camera Showcase, London, Yorkshire Dance Festival, BBC Short Film Festival, London and New Directions, Arnolfini, Bristol.



I have developed my practice from an interest in the body and gesture. Although I trained as a dancer / choreographer, I am increasingly more fascinated by the mediated body and so my current work focuses on split-screen video art works for gallery spaces (or alternative sites).

I am interested in the performing body and issues around performativity. Fragmentation of bodies and repetition is an essential aspect of my practice as I am concerned with investigating the meaning of the body when manipulated by time via a mediatized form.







Review of Laura in Metro

Laura was shown at the Arnolfini, Bristol, Sat 4 - Sun 19 Oct, 2008.


Small Wonders moving image work

I am currently creating a new moving image work as part of a 'Small Wonders' scheme, supported by Picture This and Portland Green Cultural Projects.


Laura to be shown at the Arnolfini, Bristol, Sat 4 - Sun 19 Oct, 10am - 6pm.

Performed by dancers Catherine Lee, Denise Rowe, Laura Street and Emma Wyke, Laura refers to the main character in the classic 1945 film Brief Encounter. The movements of the dancers draw on the gestures and physical tics of the character in the film. These movements interweave to create a syncopated rhythm across the video installation. Film and sound are edited by Chris Berridge incorporating the original Brief Encounter soundtrack and Regenmacher by Rodelius. For more information please see the Arnolfini website.


Article in the Dance Theatre Journal

I've been commisioned to review the latest Wood & Harrison show for the Dance Theatre Journal - current issue: Volume 22, no. 4, 2008.